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“EXCELLENCE is not a gift, but a SKILL that takes practice.
We do not act ‘RIGHTLY’ because we are ‘EXCELLENT’, in fact we achieve ‘EXCELLENCE’ by acting ‘RIGHTLY.‘’



About Us

We are available all year round to perform ferry flights from most if not every part of the world.



We always operate a complex flight in a pair which is a standard airline practice to minimise risk and fatigue during the long trips and therefore improve safety which is our number one priority. The minimum flight experience of the crew on each of these flights is never less than 10,000 flying hours combined. We assure our clients that our crew has regularly maintained airline standard ditching and survival training not to mention having vast international flying experience and impeccable knowledge of the area they operate.



We all have different aviation backgrounds such as military, flight instructors and mechanics but all of us share the same passion towards general aviation and many of us are also aircraft owners so we know how important it is to trust someone to deliver your aircraft safely and efficiently. We strictly operate according to our Standard Operations Procedures and therefore we treat every flight with the same professional mindset as we operate an airliner at the same time handle it as if it is our own aircraft regardless of the aircraft type or size



Our goal is to provide a transparent and fair package to our prospect clients. We don’t involve a third party therefore you never have to deal with a middle man. If we are unable to perform the flight due to any reason we will let you know in the beginning instead of giving you false promises, unnecessary risk to ourselves and your aircraft. We update you about the aircraft movement throughout the journey so you would never be left out from the ferry movement.